AuctionSleuth 3.2.6

Win more auctions with this sniping tool

We've all been frustrated by losing online auctions at the last minute, but this program can help you steal in and get what you're after. AuctionSleuth incorporates eBay snipe tools, Yahoo snipe tools, snipe tools and auction search tools for the major auction sites eBay, eBay Motors, Yahoo and auctions.

AuctionSleuth includes both automated searching and sniping software to help you find and win auction bargains with very little effort. AuctionSleuth periodically searches auctions sites for items with key words and prices that meet your criteria and then lets you know when they are found.

Features include:

  • Searches eBay, eBay Motors, Yahoo and auctions
  • Bid sniping for eBay, eBay Motors, eBay Mature Audience, Yahoo sites and, with bid logic
  • Bid Logic can be setup for each snipe bid
  • Searches for two types of auctions, "Buy It Now" and "End of Auction" on eBay and Yahoo at the same time
  • Can warn you with three different types of alarms (wave file, pop-up alarm or email) that one of your searches was met
  • Up to 200 different auction searches can be configured and running simultaneously
  • Incorporates a custom auction browser to ensure your normal web browsing isn't interrupted by AuctionsSleuth
  • Print search results

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AuctionSleuth 3.2.6